Industrial - ELSA-M

ELSA-M system, based on the PLATANUS variant,  offers the unique features to meet the demands of Industrial Automation application today:

  • Best energy efficiency with accelerated response: battery-operated devices can sustain up to 18 month with response less than a few seconds in the non-stop operation. 
  • Wide coverage with indoor settings : 10x more distance and excellent radio penetration make Sub-GHz more suitable for in-factory communication compared to 2.4GHz, i.e. WiFi, Zigbee.


  • Roaming and Zoning support: devices can automatically roam over among routers, with optimized networking,  to provide uninterrupted services. Idea for logistic flow if goods may be on the move.
  • High data reliability: ELSA-M series achieve the 99.99%+ data accuracy with fast response, no compromise on the message latency due to transmission repetition.

Reference Case

Location: Japan, Semiconductor foundry
Application: In factory Wafer-box logistics


To minimize the loss caused by information error due to human process, and also to track the wafer-box whereabouts during the complicated manufacturing process.


- The wafer box status stays tracked in real-time, 24 hours non-stop. The 99.99% data update accuracy is achieved, meeting the semiconductor fab standard.

- Displayed by the M2COMM ESL, the work orders have been updated more than 20,000 times with refresh latency less than 1 minute in-between. The wireless tags can continuously operate up to 12 month or more.

-  Anti-static paper is costly. ELSA-M labels come with high-grade anti-static housing to meet the semiconductor rigorous standard. The factory have saved the costs from anti-static paper and also greatly reduce the operation hassles.

- Accommodating several wireless system in the same factory is always a headache with adjusting the wireless equipment settings from time to time. Commonly there were many Wi-Fi and Zigbee stations in this surrounding. ELSA-M system utilizes the radio away from those frequencies with broad coverage, so the systems can smoothly operate without interruptions all the time.