Adaptor & Holders

ELSA tags come with different sizes and may be used for different settings. We offer adaptors for larger screen displays (4.2”, 7.5”) to be attached to the shelf, or to be sit on the counter top for product highlight. .

CradleThis tag seats with swivel arm is flexible to set up the ELSA tags to fit customers’ demand. The bottom can be placed on the counter table top and the ELSA tag can be rotated 360 degree for best presentation. The height can be adjusted as well.

Table stand: the stand delivers the economic way to seat the ELSA tags on the flat surface, such as cashier's desk or top of the display shelf. The bottom seat can fixed to the table surface while the top piece can be inserted in the eight different angles.

Frame holder: ELSA tags can be used as the message bulletin board, i.e. POP, to highlight the promotion or the product information. The holder will act as the adaptor between the ELSA tag and the store sign clamp already in use.